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How To Realize Going Paperless In Campus Life



            Generally, university students take heavy bag to campus everyday because they take some textbooks, handouts, and books. The situation around students has not change though technology has advanced. It is true that paper is useful, however, it is bulky. Going paperless can solve this problem. This project explains the recent situation about going paperless in Ritsumeikan University and University of California,Davis and proposals some ideas to realize going paperless in campus life.


2,Activities in Ritsumeikan University

    This paragraph shows my survey subject in Ritsumeikan University. According to the interview for 4 university students, they have to take paper when they use handouts, when they use textbooks and when they borrowed books from the library.

   In campus life, the most important activity is class. Before class, Ritsumeikan University students can access manaba+R, learning management system and get handouts. Most of the classes, teachers provide handouts through manaba+R. However, teachers also provide it in class. Students can choose either to print it or to see it on the screen. According to my questionnaire survey for 43 undergraduate students, 48% of respondents answered that they printed handouts on manaba+R. The amount of handout increases as they attend the class. UC Davis also provides Canvas, learning management system to students. They access this site and read handouts.

   Most of the textbooks about science are thick and heavy. For example, ‘FUNDAMENTAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY’ has 792 pages and weighs 1.70 kg, ‘Introduction to the Human Body’ has 680 pages and weighs 0.60 kg. If these heavy textbooks change into digital one, students don’t have to take heavy bags to campus. The data by Ministry of Education suggests 3.8 % of Japanese universities have introduced digital textbooks. On the other hand, in America, students use e-book. Compare to situations in Japan, recently, the cost of textbooks has increased in America. Some American universities started to use open textbooks in order to reduce the cost of textbooks. U.S. Department of Education invests $4.9 million to UC Davis to help expanding Libre Texts, the existing open textbook service developed by some university including UC Davis. UC Davis will lead Libre Texts project and add many new contents using this big subsidy. Additionally, UC Davis provides ‘Inclusive Access’ to students. Students can use digital textbooks at the lower price during the class. Trading much volume can make the price lower.

   Students go to the library to get bibliographies for reports. They borrowed some books. It makes their bags heavy. If students can look into the contents of books via Internet, they don’t have to take books. From next January, everyone can scan all contents of books without permission by copyright holder. In the near future, people may use full-text searching service.  On the other hand, in America, some universities have already scanned their library books for several years. Google digitalized university books to open to the public as early as 2006. UC decided to join Google’s digital library project. People can use full-text searching via Google books. UC had 34 million books. Google scanned the books in turn.

   In conclusion, some situations hinder going paperless in campus life. There are some different situations in UC Davis from Ritsumeikan University. That clues students how to realize going paperless in campus life.


3,Activities in UCD

         This paragraph shows my survey plan in UC Davis. The purpose of my survey in UC Davis is to know the differences in the recent situation about going paperless in campus life between Ritsumeikan University and UC Davis. My survey plan has two parts, interview and fieldwork.

            The contents of the interview are related to the survey in Japan.

1, what is the percent of students print the handouts on LMS.

2, what kind of textbooks students use.

    1, paper textbooks

        1, rent from Amazon

        2, buy used one

        3, buy new one

        4, other

    2, digital textbooks

        1, e-book from publisher  

        2, open textbooks

        3, Inclusive Access

        4, other

           The research places are UCDAVISSTORES and the library in UC Davis. The survey contents in UCDAVISSTORES are what kind of textbooks store deals in and the prices of textbooks. The survey contents in the library are proses students use library’s system.          


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