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There is a proverb that my parents and teachers often tell me from childhood---“The early bird catches the worm” However, when I came to Japan, I found that the Japanese did not have this concept. Although, there are lots of students go to bed late, there are efficient in studying.

   Nearly one-third of a person’s life is spent sleeping. Someone always go to bed early like Morning larks think it is be

I have a question about that there are different results in different ethnic students or not.


 The aim of my project

In this project, I want to research that the different between Morning lark and night owl, and prove that Morning lark is not better than night owls. In addition, I would like to find out that there are different results in different ethnic students or not.

 Research subjects

 University students


   Activities in advance lecture:

   First, I conducted a questionnaire about the Chinese university students’ sleep.

The results as follow.


  I Read some articles and reports about this. And Selected important paragraphs as follows. If i could make conclusion like this in the research, i will achieve my research goals.

As Dr. Louis Ptacek in neurology said, “We recognized this was a strong genetic trait. We found the mutated gene resided near the end of chromosome 2”.

Mutations in other genes have been found in other families with advanced or delayed sleep patterns.


We all have internal circadian clocks - the master clock is made up of thousands of nerve cells in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a wing - shaped structure located in the hypothalamus, at the base of the brain.


The hypothalamus controls all kinds of bodily functions, from releasing hormones to regulate temperature and water intake.

They knew that if similar genes were mutated in fruit flies and mice the circadian clocks speed up. The mutated gene made a different protein that affects the rhythm of the clock.

 Activities in UCD

To the beginning, I plan to conduct the same questionnaire to UCD students and compare the results with now. 

And then, I want to do interview with different ethnic students. (Ask at least five people of different races)


Are you a morning lark or a night owl?


          Do you think you are efficient in your study?  Learning efficiency in the morning is better than in the night?


          What do you think we ought to get to bed early and get up early? ------tendency


          What kind of personality you have? ------ different with the two types?


          Do you often feel anxious, nervous and stressed? ------ Mental health


          Are you prone to frequent illness? ------health)

Next, compare results. 

Finally, Make conclusion and find more reports to prove my conclusion is right or not.


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