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Department of Life science

College of applied chemistry

Ritsumeikan university

Kaori Matsuhiro



1.     My goal

I will research washoku in California.


2.     introduction

In my P2 class, I thought the secret of long lifespan of Japan is Japanese food culture. I researched the better points which washoku has than western dish from our health angle. I found three better points, seasoning, balanced diet and low-fat, low-calories. According to the newspaper, washoku is added World Intangible Cultural Heritage. I think that this leads to be known about washoku around the world. Now, washoku is payed attention to foreign countries so I often see washoku restaurant in foreign countries. But I do not know about detail. So I will research washoku, for example style, seasoning, ingredient, menu and so on.


3.     prepare

I took questionnaire among the young.

(1)   Do you know about umami?

(2)   Which is better from our health angle washoku or western dishes?

(3)   How often do you eat washoku?

But in this project, I defined washoku has rice, miso soup, and 2 or 3 side dishes.

    Result (1)

Result (2)

Result (3)



4.     My plans in UC

I will go to and eat washoku restaurant in California.

I will go to super market and research what kind of seasoning does it buy.

I will research the difference of washoku between Japan and California.

   for example, style, seasoning, ingredient, menu and so on.

I will questionnaire among the students of UC davis,

(1)   How much do you know washoku?

(2)   Do you think washoku is good for our health?

(3)   How often do you eat washoku?

5.     References

和食が世界の和食に「世界無形文化遺産」,2013/12/5, 日本経済新聞